Why Us

Are you thinking about going back to school?

""Save $12,495 Or More A Year By Choosing the Medical Academy of America!""
"Why Choose the Medical Academy of America?
What Makes the Medical Academy of America Differents?"

We're glad you asked!

You see... the Medical Academy of America makes getting a top-notch, quality education VERY affordable.

Since there's no huge campus, residence halls, or classrooms to service and maintain... we don't have to charge outrageous tuitions like most brick-and-mortar schools. So not only  you keep more of YOUR money in your pockets when you go with the Medical Academy of America... you get a LOT MORE for it than any other educational institution.you keep more of YOUR money in your pockets when you go with the Medical Academy of America... you get a LOT MORE for it than any other educational institution.

For example, your textbooks and study materials are INCLUDED with your Medical Academy of America tuition.Not only that... you can get started RIGHT AWAY with a low initial down payment. Then, to keep things very affordable for you... you can use our interest-free monthly tuition plan.We also offer 100% scholarships to military spouses.

Combine that with our USEABLE, real-world instruction, personal support, and exciting student community... you can see why the Medical Academy of America offers you an affordable and rewarding college experience.

It's just so easy to get started working towards the education you want AND need. I'm sure you're after a better future... a more exciting life. Maybe you want a better job so you can make more money and take those dream vacations, buy that dream house, or be able to provide for your family. Maybe you just want the confidence and pride that comes with getting a good education!

Either way, it all starts with a good education. Look, we're in a whole different world today. It's now possible to get a world-class education right from the comfort of your own home.

Technology And Online Classes
Have Made It Possible!

At the Medical Academy of America, you have a convenient and affordable way to get the training you need to succeed... at the career you want. With our flexible scheduling and top-notch faculty, we've built a convenient and effective way to help you get the Higher education you need in today's work place.

Our goal is to meet the needs you have when it comes to the hassles of everyday life. When you're working and you have family to care for... we GET that it can be tough for you to get an education.

That's why it was important for us to offer courses in high-demand fields that are convenient for you.

Learn The Skills Needed In
Today's Fastest Growing Career Fields

The Medical Academy of America believes in offering MORE than just an education. We want to give you the skills needed to get ahead in some of today's hottest occupations. And since you'll be learning from teachers who have both real-world and academic experience, you'll be able to apply what you learn to today's ever-changing world. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills that can be used today in your chosen profession.

Giving You A Quality Education is Our Only Mission!

Our programs are designed to provide a quality education in growing fields that are in high demand. The career programs we offer are in strong demand... so you have a much better chance at landing a high-quality, well paying job! Further, employment in the medical field is expected to increase by 32 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

You'll Also Get On-Going
Assistance In Finding Your Job!

Any time after you graduate, you can take advantage of our continuous Graduate Job Assistance.

This help comes at no charge for you!

It's nice to know you have someone on your team who is looking to help you land a good job. It sure gives you a lot more peace of mind. Of course, even though there's no way we can guarantee job placement, we make every effort to help you find work in your career field and in the location you want.

Our Student Services Department
Will Help You Any Way Possible!

Our Student Services Department offers a wide variety of helpful services that make your education go as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to find a part-time job or you need some extra tutoring in a class, we'll do everything we can to make sure you get the help you need. We really do care and we want to make sure your time with us is as smooth and rewarding as possible! By using all of our online help and resources, we'll be with you every single step of the way.

Do You Need Financial Help?

When you choose the Medical Academy of America, you have the opportunity to enroll with a very low initial payment and then join our interest-free monthly tuition plan.

We never charge finance fees – ever.

The Medical Academy of America is approved under the MYCAA program, which means tuition may be paid for military spouses upon enrollment in our school. You may also qualify for tuition reimbursement from your employer under the Employee Education Assistance Act, IRS Code, Section 127.

We're Approved

The Medical Academy of America is also approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Ohio Registration Number 13-05-2015T. To view the School Catalog visit: http://train4college.com/Medical Academy of America Catalog 2018-2019 4-9-18.pdf

Our approval means you'll get a high quality education and a learning experience that's comparable (or even better) to what you'd receive in a traditional college or university.

You Can Even Change Your Mind If You Want!

If for some reason you decide that you made the wrong choice with the Medical Academy of America, there's no need to worry. In fact, we want to eliminate all worry for you because we offer a no-questions-asked five business day money back protection. If for any reason, you decide this information isn’t right for you, just return your course materials with a letter of cancellation at any time within five business days of registration and you'll receive a full and total refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. Period.

So go ahead and take the first step to a new and improved YOU. The first step to a better job and a better life. As a working student, we know you’re dealing with a lot of things on your plate. Whether it's kids, family, or work... attending classes online can be an easy and convenient way to get your education.

When you choose the Medical Academy of America... you can earn your education on your terms. Forget driving to class every day or taking the bus or subway, that's not necessary anymore. And you can start at home, do your work in your spare time, and soon make enough to provide those things you want to provide for your family.

More importantly, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and a whole new life, comfortable future, and security to gain. I want you to feel the thrill of getting your own unique training and education!

But the thing is... you must make a start.

Take action TODAY while it's fresh on your mind, and you could be starting your college journey right from your own home, your office or while sitting on a beach on your vacation!

We want to help you get ahead and take what you've learned and use it to get ahead.

Because we offer flexible class schedules with an online presence... you can get started right away.

Enroll online or call 1-888-944-5789 to speak with an Admissions Representative.


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